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About Us


Hi there!

We are Scout's Recreation! We believe in the value of recreation. We believe in having fun. We believe that the best memories are made while doing the things you love with your favorite people.


We reside in Southwest Nebraska with one of the best golf courses in the State of Nebraska located right in our community. Medicine Creek Reservoir is just up the road a few miles.  And our sports teams have heart. Renewal and enjoyment is to be had in our area. And we want to help you find yours.


We are committed to bringing high-quality, unique products to your adventures. While providing the personalized, friendly experience only small businesses can provide.


Our passion for helping you find renewal comes from our own need for healing. In December 2020 we lost our daughter, Scout, after preterm labor complications. To honor our sweet girl, Scout, a portion of sales will go to our foundation aimed at easing the burden of such a loss.


Our hope is that Scout's can help you find the fun you're looking for, the R and R you're needing, and the purpose you're after.


-Evan and Mackenzie Jones

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