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Holen One Farms Original Recipe Marinade

Holen One Farms Original Recipe Marinade


16 oz. bottle. One bottle will marinate 16 pounds of meat. Great on all types of meats, vegetables, and wild game.


Product Detail:

In the late sixties, Mike traveled to northern California visiting relatives and enjoyed the best steak he had ever tasted at the local café. He promptly asked the waiter what made it so tender and gave it such a rich flavor. The waiter revealed that the owner marinated all the meats in his own special recipe and that he had never disclosed the recipe to anyone. He tried his best to persuade the owner to divulge his secret, but to no avail.

Some years later, his relative bought a house in that town to serve as a home for his hired help. It happened to be the home of the then deceased café owner and astonishingly, on the inside of one of the cupboards, was the recipe for the savory meat marinade.

Since then, Holen One Farms Original Recipe Marinade has been tried and requested by hundreds of thousands of customers in our five state area. Our unique blend of spices and natural ingredients enhances the taste of any steak, chop, or chicken. It is especially good on wild game. 
It has a unique, tantalizing flavor that enhances-- but does not overpower-- the flavor of the meat.  Be sure to check our Recipe page for ideas on how to use this versatile marinade for a new twist on your everyday meals.

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